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Bio Cosmetics

We offer a complete line Bio Cosmetics, Argan products international offers luxury Argan cosmetic products for hair, face and body.

Private Label

We offer complete private label services. We produce the oil, bottle it, and print it for you. Our product specialists can help you choose the packaging that suits your brand.

Bottling and Packaging

For those who have their own packaging and are only interested in our contract bottling service, we offer a vast selection of argan oil and argan products

Argan Products

Searching a reliable supplier of wholesales Argan oil?

For clients interested in our Argan oil, Argan products wholesales is a supplier to trust and dedicated to providing only highest grade Argan products.

choose Argan products wholesales and your customers will enjoy the quality and reliability they demand, while you keep your cost under control and your ROI at a comfort level.

White Label Options

We offer complete private label services. We produce the oil, bottle it, and print and apply your unique label. We provide white label services from bottle and logo, to completed “ready-for-the-shelves” product.
White label

Contract Bottling

We offer a high-quality contract bottling service. We are certified as an Organic Supplier by Cosmos Organic, Agriculture Biologique and USDA. We offer various packaging options to our partners to meet their individual requirements. Besides glass bottles we offer bag-in-box in different sizes.

Contract bottling
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The Business Benefits of Argan Oil

Become One of Our Business Partners, with our experience, we strive to offer excellent service, communication and advice to give you a leg up on the competition.

We offer a good price quality ratio and stock guarantee. What’s more? we back all of our products with reliable and responsive customer support. Today more and more national brand shampoos and other hair care products have have begun to use and promote Argan oil. There’s no better time than now to take advantage of the growing popularity of this all-natural ingredient. If you’d like a quote, or you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fair Trade

Argan Products Wholesale seeks to improve the lives of the farmers who frequently lack alternative sources of income. Argan Products Wholesale helps the farmers to build a small business, to help more and more individuals in their communities.

Argan Leaf

Best Quality Bio Cosmetics

With Our Experience in the Argan Business, We Strive To Offer you the best quality Bio cosmetics and an excellent customer service
ISO 9001:2015
Ecocert Cosmos Organic
Agriculture Biologique

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