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Its starts with passion for Argan oil.

Argan Products Wholesale supplies organic Argan oil compliant with NOP standards, European Organic Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 and ECOCERT. In addition, all of our products are subjected to strict quality control standards in a state laboratory. Additional security measures are are also applied prior to shipping.

From product development to manufacturing and delivery, we are on a journey of continuous improvement, challenging ourselves to strive for new levels of performance. We are committed to ensuring our customers with the quality of the products, service and support they need.


Argan Products Wholesale is a company started in 2007 with a team that respects the environment and respects the value of Argan. We offer the highest quality bulk Argan oils in the world. Our products are sourced from dedicated Argan farmers, priced competitively and backed by responsive customer service.

Why Argan Products Wholesale?

Argan tree

Argan Products Wholesale is sourcing the Argan nuts directly from a passionate and proud network of farmers. We produce the oil ourselves with new high tech press machines. The Organ oil from cold extraction is 100 % natural. Modern press techniques are very important but so is picking the fruit at its exact moment of ripening, controlling the process of transporting the oil to the mill and their storage. With Argan Products International, you have a team on the ground who manage everything seamlessly for you.
From processing ( ECOCERT process ), storage, shipping and delivery. We export the products with reliable shipping channels on time and we respect the agreed delivery time.

Argan Products Wholesale: Our Unique Selling Points

Our creativity, flexibility, quality products, and superior customer service READ MORE ..will exceed your expectations. We offer you with a wide range of product categories, extreme flexibility, rapid customer service and the highest-quality products at the best price. We provide every step in the manufacturing and sales process, from bottling to custom logo design, labeling and printing.We understand what you want and and need when you market Argan products.
  • Quality
  • Low Minimums
  • Timely Fulfillment
  • Private Label Service
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • A Large Variety of Packaging in Stock

Fair Trade

Argan Products Wholesale seeks to improve the lives of the farmers who frequently lack alternative sources of income. Argan Products Wholesale helps the farmers to build a small business, to help more and more individuals in their communities.

Argan products are competitively priced in relation to their conventional counterparts. We work directly with farmers, cutting out middlemen, so we can keep products affordable for consumers and return a greater percentage of the price to the farmers.

We are an organic-certified, manufacturing facility that adheres to the highest standards of quality control and food safety. We use only one-hundred percent ethically-sourced Moroccan Argan oil made by women’s co-operatives. All our oil is additive-free and certified by organic certificate providers such as ECOCERT and USDA

Argan Leaf

100% Pure Argan Oil

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100% pure Argan Oil is our product, but we don’t stop there.

Since we opened our doors in 2007, Argan We’ve been supporting our customers with after sales and customer care support. We have a responsive Customer Service and we’re focused on giving you great service and the best quality products. Whether you require information on delivery, sustainability or a Argan oil marketing specialist, our extensive range of services are designed to help you and your business. We offer a range of consultancy services to support you in all areas of your business – from the best price and quality till business solutions for your supply chain. quality is very important and we do everything we can to guarantee the quality of our products and services. We sell all the products with a unconditional offer of a money back guarantee on all the shipments.

Organic Certified

We are organic certified, and yes, we only source the very best 100% pure Argan Oil in our third-party audited top-of-the-line manufacturing facility, but the thing our wholesale customers really rave about is the processes and reliability of our business. With us, a promise made is an iron-clad guarantee we’ll deliver exactly what and when as we say… this means your business moves ahead and your customers are 100% satisfied.

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