Contract Bottling

Bottling solutions
Argan products Wholesales Bottling Services is providing a premium onsite bottling services.

Inhouse Graphic Design
From logotyp design and product visualisations to packaging design: our Inhouse Graphic Design department helps you with your brand development.

Bottle choice
Wide selection of bottles. Our specialists can help you develop your brand with bottle design.

Our Graphic Designers have years of experience in developing a feel and look for a product or brand. Customised labels and caps.

With the specific knowhow of our designers we’ll provide the most suitable design.
In addition to paper labels, we also offer screen printing on glass and plastic packaging. This allows unlimited customization and a high quality finish.

Our Marketing partners are playing an important role in the area of brand development. They have years of experience in developing a particular feel and look for a brand or product . They can alter every part of the packaging to suit your needs.

If you’re ready for the healthy profit margins others are getting with our all-natural premium products, let’s start a conversation.
Market prices are available on request, but don’t delay: demand for Argan oils has never been greater. Simply call or email us now, and we’ll show you why we’re the world’s number one supplier of premium Argan oil.

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If you are interested in getting a custom product or blend, call us at +212-648-806-675 to ask about your options, or contact us for a Free Quote.

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