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Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest-quality, most-authentic and competitively priced Moroccan Organic Argan oil. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Quality is not a word we take lightly, or use solely with our Argan oil. It is a word that describes our business. From our responsive customer service, to our timely delivery, we are a wholesale supplier that you can count on.
Our written quality management program identifies and defines the policies and procedures for our oil’s safety and quality programs.
Each of our programs has an annual, or shorter, review period. Any proposed change to our programs outside of this designated review period must be made in writing and approved prior to implementation. This approval must come from the individual or team that oversees the program.


  • Quality Management
  • Recall
  • Training
  • Sanitation
  • Chemical Control
  • GMP and ISO certification
  • Third Party Audits
  • Organic Certification
  • Traceability


  • Lot Logs (electronic record)
  • Specification Sheets (electronic record)
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Sheets (electronic record and/or hardcopy)
  • MSDS
  • Records
  • Traceability


ISO 9001
Cosmos Organic
Agriculture Biologique

Trusted and Reliable

All our Argan oil has been certified organic ECOCERT and meets international standards of quality for extra virgin argan oil 100% organic extra virgin Argan oil.
ECOCERT is a control and certification organisation, whose activities are governed accordingly by the public authorities and legislation.


Our Argan oils for culinary and cosmetic use are all guaranteed 100% pure and natural. No additives or preservatives are added. Our products are ECOCERT Certified.
We are commited to the display of proof that our products have been inspected and approved by the health authorities of the country concerned.

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